Maternity Panties High Waist Full Belly support Panties

Maternity Panties High Waist Full Belly support Panties

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Fabric composition: 97.4% nylon, 2.6% spandex;

Crotch composition: 100% cotton;

High waist full abdominal support, reduce abdominal weight, stabilize fetal position

Wrap the entire forward leaning pregnant belly, support upwards stably, reduce the feeling of falling, and relieve back pain

High elastic decompression abdominal support, abdominal expansion design, can extend 2-3 yards

Heightened waist, 3D hip lift, no crotch

Pure cotton breathable bottom crotch

Elasticity + Softness

Natural pure cotton inner crotch, pro-muscle health

Reserve a large space, not to be restrained during the whole pregnancy

The threaded fabric is full of tension, absorbs moisture and dissipates heat quickly, and is dry and non-stick to the skin

Belly curved design

No sense of trousers, no sense of wearing, no restraint or restraint



Customer Reviews

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Sonya Lubowitz

Not used yet.

Cole Rau

Very comfortable, I am L 20semanass and I asked for the XL I doubt that I will stay until the end of the pregnancy but I think they will serve me after giving birth

Brant Carter

October 24 order. On receipt of December 14.
It takes almost two months, please clear your mind and order only the delivery to wait ~ The product itself is not bad.
Should I wear long during pregnancy anyway, three to four months?
Because I wear it for a while ^ ^ Cheap taste ~
For reference, there is no such thing as individual packaging. I bought two.
It is decorated in the courier bag just before it goes out.
If you need more, buy domestic Prague House products.
(The price difference is not much, and the appearance is similar.)