Women's secrets of the lunar periods

Luna period underwear

By using leakproof reusable period panties, you help creating less waste by spending less on disposable wear.

Sleep safe and sound, whether you lie on your back or front,They offer leak-proof protection  .

The leak proof layer is not bulky, doesnt crinkle and extends from front to rear, giving you extra peace of mind on light days, or if you suffer irregular periods

Leakproof period panties are made up of many layers

It looks like this:

Antibacterial underwear protects against germs and bacteria on critical days

Wicking underwear for guaranteed results please use with sanitary napkins.
Please do not use the underwear directly during the physiological period without using sanitary napkins.

High-quality fabric: The combination of 87% cotton and 13% spandex makes the product very soft. Cotton lining: 100% high-quality cotton is flexible and comfortable. Ice silk + cotton fabric makes the product more stable. This combination makes the product very high quality;
Perfect choice: These underpants are a good choice for women and girls during menstrual cycles or mild incontinence and postpartum recovery. The 100% quality cotton lining on the surface absorbs some liquid, so you don't have to worry about any accidental mess on the sheets or clothes, you will feel calm when you wear it;
Women's underwear - shorts are elastic but not easy to deform, natural dyeing, not easy to fade, healthier, just at the waist, providing complete front and back coverage; stylish design, low odor, silky feel, elasticity, low waist;

Rules for handling sealed underwear

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