Can You Sleep Without Underwear? Scientist Findings Will Surprise Anyone

Scientists from various countries conducted a series of studies to determine whether sleeping without clothes affects human health. The results of these studies revealed that sleeping naked can have certain negative consequences.

According to researchers, the human body performs several crucial functions during sleep, such as tissue regeneration, energy restoration, and strengthening the immune system. Clothing, including pajamas or underwear, can act as a regulator of body temperature during sleep.

During experiments, it was found that sleeping without clothes can disrupt the thermoregulation of the body. When a person sleeps naked, their body may lose heat faster, especially in low indoor temperatures or during the cold seasons. This can lead to a decrease in sleep quality and stimulation of the nervous system, which, in turn, can affect overall health.

Researchers also emphasize that wearing light and comfortable clothing during sleep can be beneficial for maintaining optimal body temperature and ensuring a peaceful sleep. They recommend using "breathable materials" that help with moisture drainage and provide comfortable conditions at night.

Meanwhile, Dr. Alice Dweck, a physician from the United States, believes that sleeping naked is better than in pajamas. She says that if pajamas are not washed frequently, they can accumulate bacteria.

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